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Buying guide

Not sure which Dynatron product to buy? Our detailed buying guides for fans and heatsinks help you to choose the model that works best for you:


Size and shape:You should determine is what size and shape of fan you need.If you have enough space, always choose the bigger depth fan for the best possible performance.
Voltage:Most fans are 12V, which is the standard for PC applications. Note, though, that there are also 5V and 24V models available for other applications. 
Connector:Dynatron fans are available with standard 3-pin and 4-pin PWM connectors.  Please refer to the specifications of the individual models for details.
Noise level and RPM speed:Please refer to the dB(A) specification of each individual model for selecting one that fits your requirements regarding noise and performance. 





Dynatron offers a wide selection of fans for various demands and purposes. Use the following criteria to select the model that works best for you:

CPU coolers

CPU socket:Select a cooler model that fits your socket using our socket compatibility chart.
Motherboard:Select a cooler model that fits your motherboard using our motherboard compatibility list.
CPU, and performance/noise considerations:As a rule of thumb, the bigger a cooler is, the greater its cooling performance: By choosing a cooler that offers plenty of performance headroom for your CPU, you will be able to run the fan(s) at very low speeds and noise levels. By contrast, if you choose a cooler that will be fully maxed out by your CPU, the fans will run at higher or maximum speeds more often when your CPU is under full load.Pick one of the models that offer the highest turbo/overclocking headroom if you want to make full use of your processors turbo mode and/or if you want the cooler to run as quiet as possible.
Case compatibility and cooler height:Different PC cases offer different amounts of clearance for CPU coolers. Please refer to our case compatibility list to select a cooler that fits your case.



Dynatron offers a wide selection of CPU coolers for various demands and purposes. Use the following criteria to select the model that works best for you:

Still unsure which model to buy? If you have any further questions,
please feel free to contact us at

Why did I receive a different package than usual?

“Innovative smart technology, protecting the earth's environment” is the vision of Dynatron. We hope to reduce the use of excessive packaging and plastic through design. The latest environmentally friendly printing ink and thick paper packaging replace disposable bubble bags and foam. Reduce the use of single-use plastic packaging and implement plastic reduction and environmental friendly actions. In the future, Dynatron will continue to implement the concept of sustainable management in product design, production and operation, and help create a sustainable world.

How would I place an order?

There are several ways you can place an order. You can send email to, or contact us by phone at (510) 498-8888. You can also direct your request thru fax at (510) 498-8488.

Is it secure to place an order online?

Currently we don’t support online order. It is NOT SAFE to send any of your credit card information through our web site.

Do you accept individual user order?

Yes. You as our customer, we provide quality service for your satisfaction.

What are the available methods of payment? 

We are currently accepting VISA & MasterCard credit cards for now. To make payment by phone, please have your credit card information ready. Our sales representatives will assist you to complete your transaction. We also accept cash payment if you wish to come directly at our sales offices.

How would I know the prices of your product?

Please send us your inquiry by email, phone or fax, and indicate what products you are interested to know. Our sales staff will respond on your request.

What is your RMA policy?

Please download the RMA request form and refer to our RMA policy for return procedure.
Please fax the RMA request form to (510)498-8488 and obtain a RMA number.


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