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Business Philosophy

Since our establishment, we have been dedicated to researching and developing PC cooling solutions and providing heat dissipation solutions. Today, by applying breakthrough patented technologies and continuously evolving our brand momentum, we have become one of the leading suppliers of PC cooling solutions, providing consumers and businesses with extraordinary experiences. At the same time, we continue to collaborate with global partners to launch products that exceed customer demands.

Dynatron's corporate philosophy is "quality first and customer satisfaction". We provide leading industry product choices and services, actively expand our production capacity, and aim for sustainable development. We are committed to using our expertise to bring customers a better product experience.

Company Locations


California, USA

33200 Western Ave. Union City,
CA 94587
TEL/(510) 498-8888
FAX/(510) 498-8488

Huizhou, China


Taiwan Taipei

8F., No. 35, Ln. 221, Gangqian Rd.,
Neihu Dist., Taipei City 114007 , 
Taiwan (R.O.C.)
TEL/(510) 498-8888
FAX/(510) 498-8488

Development history







Dynatron was established in Taiwan and has become one of the leading suppliers of PC thermal solutions over the past 31 years.


We established our first sales and marketing office in Fremont, California to provide full support and promote sales and after-sales services.


Later, two regional sales offices were set up, one in Walnut, California and the other in Miami, Florida, to more effectively distribute and promote our products not only in the United States but worldwide.

Dynatron moved its factory to Dongguan, China to expand the production efficiency of its products and meet the growing demand of the market for our products.

Due to explosive growth in demand, we opened a factory in Huizhou with a monthly production capacity of 500,000 units and reallocated some of the production to this new facility.
As demand for our products continued to increase, we are now constructing a new factory to cope with the rapid growth in production. This factory will include more advanced manufacturing machines and further increase the large-scale production capacity to 1 million units per year.

Special technology and OEM

Dynatron is a leading manufacturer of PC cooling solutions, specializing in the production of AC and DC fans ranging from 25mm to 200mm in size. Our products cover a wide range of applications from consumer to enterprise products.

Since 1995, Dynatron's CPU coolers have been sold worldwide, building its reputation and maintaining critical system operations through world-class support and innovative methods.

Dynatron also offers various customized cooling solutions for OEM customers, including active coolers, passive heatsinks, heat pipes, blowers, cross flow fans, liquid coolers, and more.

Dynatron's branded cooling solutions have been widely recognized, and the company was the first to invent a unique design of a liquid cooler with an integrated pump. Our proprietary Skived fin technology and homogeneous plate technology integrated into heatsinks have improved the liquid cooling standards and have been widely used in desktop PCs, servers, workstations, laptops, gaming consoles, and storage systems.

In 2001, Dynatron became the first company to integrate the most advanced MicroFin technology into PC cooling solutions. Today, MicroFin technology is recognized as the most advanced and efficient manufacturing method for cooling solutions and is used in most system applications.


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