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With more than 30 years of experience collaborating with industry leaders such as Intel and AMD, Dynatron provides first-class heat dissipation solutions and mechanical design engineering services.

Our team of experts uses the most advanced tools and technologies to solve the most complex thermal management challenges and requirements, ensuring that all of our designs meet and exceed the minimum requirements for product operation.

To improve circuit efficiency, reduce product wattage consumption, and thereby reduce heat generation, it is necessary to select parts that meet product specifications, design component placement, copper laying, and wiring on the circuit board to ensure that heat is evenly dissipated through PCB heat dissipation. Choose thermal management components and techniques to control temperature and heat transfer directionality.

"Heat" is the number one mode of failure for electronic products, 
which determines the product's lifespan and performance. 

Thermal Management

We provide complete and comprehensive mechanical engineering capabilities, including complex mechanism design, compliance with regulations, and standards for testing and quality. Because of our diverse customer base, we are constantly expanding our knowledge base to provide new perspectives and new solutions.

Choose Dynatron as your one-stop engineering shop from concept to final product. 


Customer consultation

After you have made your requirements known, the business and design teams will discuss and confirm them with you, propose a preliminary heat dissipation solution, and then proceed with the design.

Design confirmation

After the discussion is completed, the engineering team will draw the material drawing and confirm it with you.

Design process

Step01.Preliminary design drawing

After understanding the customer's needs in the initial contact, our team of experts will use  high industry compatibility, easy to discuss and modify with customers to produce a preliminary design drawing.

Step02.2D design drawing

After the preliminary design drawing is discussed and modified, the mechanical engineer will draw the 2D dimensions and section drawing for the manufacturing team to conduct the first phase of production evaluation and cost estimation.

Step03.3D design drawing

After the first phase evaluation is completed, the mechanical engineer will create a 3D drawing to confirm the final appearance and material and give the manufacturing team the final evaluation and quotation.

Evaluation quotation

After confirming the material drawing, the manufacturing team will evaluate the product in all aspects and estimate the cost.

Evaluation process

Step01.Confirm the design drawing

After the manufacturing team obtains the preliminary design drawing, they will evaluate the feasibility, dimensions, materials, and whether the solution meets the requirements.

Step02.Cost estimation

After confirming the design drawing, the product complexity, size, material, and quantity will be estimated for product pricing.

Sample Confirmation and Ordering

After evaluation and confirmation, the prototype samples will be produced and tested. Once you confirm that they are correct and meet your requirements, we will proceed with the production order.

Sample Production and Testing

Step01.Sample Simulation Testing

If you have previous customization experience and want to optimize the product, you can use ANALYSIS to perform performance simulation testing. After the product meets the solution requirements, we can save a lot of manpower and production costs by proceeding with mold making and sample production.

Step02.Mold Making and Sample Production

After simulation testing or new product development, our production team will proceed with mold making and test production yield before proceeding with the actual sample production.

Step03.Sample Testing

After the samples are produced, they will undergo testing. We use the latest equipment for thermal, acoustic, airtightness, and other testing to ensure product performance and quality, meeting your solution requirements.

Manufacturing Production

After confirmation and ordering, the product manufacturing process begins. Dynotron has its own production factory and professional facilities that provide cooling solutions that meet design requirements and ensure our customers receive the highest quality products.

Manufacturing Process

Step01.Professional Facility Manufacturing

The various components of the product are produced using internal stamping, packaging, and welding machines, with a monthly production capacity of up to 90,000 units, meeting your requirements for product efficiency.


Our monthly production capacity for assembling parts, fans, fins, water pipelines, and water cooling systems is up to 70,000 units. Our facility follows strict SOP procedures and meets ISO9001 requirements for quality management.

Step03.Quality Management

Our quality management process includes inspecting raw materials, checking parts during the manufacturing process, sampling finished products, checking the appearance of accessories and finished products, and ensuring proper packaging and handling during the shipping process.

Product Delivery

After confirmation and ordering, the product manufacturing process begins. Dynatron has its own production factory and professional facilities that provide cooling solutions that meet design requirements and ensure our customers receive the highest quality products.

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