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What is MicroFin Technology?

MicroFin® is one of the worlds most advanced, new concept developed by Dynatron Corporation, and permits the production of copper heat sinks with a precise and super fine detail previously considered impossible.

Why do we need the MicroFin® Technology coolers?

As the Intel and AMD processors expanded faster, the thermal solution of cooling devices fair behind CPU. For cutting edge technology, Dynatron Corporation invested and developed the MicroFin® Technology to fill the current market needs to build a better device for the AMD: K7 (SocketA) Intel:FC-PGA(Socket 370) thermal solutions.

Why do the MicroFin® Technology Coolers better than other coolers?

The traditional methods to make the heat sinks are Extrusion, Forging, and Die- Casting, and the maximum fins can be manufactured with a density approximately 20 to 40 fins their thickness or diameter. The material must mix with other metal to form heat sink with the thick and low-density fins that can’t meet the thermal solution for the CPU. Some other method mix copper with other material to form the outer frame and brazed or weld the fins into the heat sink, which created the interface layer about 2 to 3 degree of the heat increase between the bottom heat sink and the fins, and also its very difficult to control the quality of the mass production heat sinks because some poor contract or disassociate of brazed or weld fins which is not a reliable products.
Nevertheless, Dynatron’s MicroFin® Technology coolers can eliminate all the weakness problems.

MicroFin® advantage points :

Fin Cross Section:
the cross sectional shape of the fin is skives with thin slice with 0.35 mm and 1.0mm pitch in the 60 x 60 heat sink that is better heat dissipation.
Fin Density:
high density up to 60 fins for AMD K7 and Intel FC-PGA CPUs.
Fin Distribution:
formed ideal distribution, the fins arrayed uniformly on the base without the interfaces, which decrease at lease 2 to 3 degree of heat source.-applied the high quality of aluminum, and the copper to build the heat sinks for Cooler series.
Unique High Quality:
cut though the whole pieces of aluminum or copper evenly to form up to 60 high thin fins, and all heat sinks are unique high quality in our production line. In conclusion, taking performance factor into account, Dynatron’s CPU coolers had high-density fins 2 to 3 times than other coolers, and reliability quality products, we highly recommend high density fins of heat sink with high pressure drop cooling fan for your GHz CPU.The model, DC1206BM-O and DC1206BM-L in our product list, are example of a new MicroFin CPU cooler, and it’s one of the fineness in the world for the thermal management products. The high quality of DC1206BM-O and DC1206BM-L is the best CPU coolers to insure and protect your computer’s CPU.The process starts with a single piece of material, typically made of either copper or aluminum. A cutting tool contacts one surface of material and under controlled motion raises a fin, which is form with controlled thickness, height, and center to center spacing. Fins are uniform, consistent, and accurately spaced next one.





For Copper material:
Fin height can be 70 mm and up depends on the pitch and thickness
Fin pitch can be as small as 1 mmFor
Aluminum material:
Fin height can ba also 70 mm and up depends on the pitch and thickness
Fin pitch can be as small as 1.3 mm




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