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Fans are an essential part of heat sinks, and their manufacturing process requires design, model making, production, testing, and other steps. The following is the manufacturing process of fans:

Design: First, we need to design the fan according to the specifications of the heat sink, including the size, shape, number of blades, blade shape, and speed.
Model making: After design, we need to use 3D printing and other technologies to make a model of the fan. This can help us further confirm the correctness of the design and make necessary modifications.
Production: When the model is confirmed, we need to use CNC, aluminum die-casting, and other technologies to produce the actual parts of the fan. The blades are usually made of aluminum or plastic materials, while the fan frame can be made of aluminum or steel materials.
Assembly: When all the components are produced, we need to assemble the fan, including mounting the blades on the frame and fixing the fan shaft.
Testing: Finally, we need to test the fan to ensure that it can operate normally and meet the heat dissipation requirements of the heat sink.

Our Advantages

Design: We have a professional design team that can design according to customer requirements and provide the best cooling solutions.
Materials: We use high-quality materials to manufacture fans, ensuring product stability and reliability.
Production Technology: We have advanced production equipment and technology, including CNC and aluminum die-casting, which can produce high-precision and high-quality products.
Testing: We have a strict quality control system that can perform comprehensive testing of products to ensure they meet requirements.

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